In-Person Biomechanical Analysis (3D)

The Gold-Standard Service

The in-person biomechanical analysis (3D) is suitable for fast bowlers who are wanting to improve performance, reduce the risk of injury (or pain), or determine bowling action legality. With 3D analysis, we can analyse how any part of your body moves from and from any view. This also means we can extract your biomechancial data from every delivery and ascertain which technical qualities result in better performance.

The Process

1. Purchase

Contact us first to discuss your needs for 3D biomechanical analysis. We will then invoice you. Once payment has been received, we will email you an invitation code for the OnForm application. Please check your spam folder.

2. Download OnForm App

Please download the OnForm App and then join using the invitation code we emailed you. If you have trouble joining, please contact us.

3. Book In

We will email you to organise a date and time for the session.

4. Bowl

Attend your scheduled session. We will measure your limb lengths (non-invasive) and fit you with a motion analysis suit. You will then be asked to bowl 4-6 overs at match-intensity.

5. Analyse

We will analyse your videos and complete a recording comprising our findings, including the technical development plan and report. We will upload your videos and share the analysis in the OnForm App.

6. Review

You will review the analysis video, report, and technical development plan. If there is anything you do not understand, then please contact us.