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Our mission is create better fast bowlers through an evidence-based approach grounded in sports science research. We translate the science and medicine of fast bowling into simple yet effectve practical solutions to enhance your performance.

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Hi! My name is Simon Feros. I played indoor and outdoor cricket for 20 years. I loved to open the bowling and take the attack to the batsman. I represented my home town of Warrnambool in a number of countryweek competitions. My success at these led me to represent my local cricket region in Victoria (Western Waves) as part of the U'16 Dowling Shield, U'18 Coca Cola Cup, and U'21 competitions.

My fast bowling career was a rollercoaster ride. The successes I tasted were often matched with injuries. At heart I was a tearaway wannabe express fast bowler. However, I did not have any knowledge on how to look after my body, including my bowling action. When I was 15, I bowled most days for at least an hour. Eventually I suffered a crippling lower back injury. I thought my career was over and my dreams were crushed.

After this frightening experience I was determined to get better and wiser. The Art of Fast Bowling by Dennis Lillee changed my life. This book gave me an appreciation of what it takes to be an elite fast bowler. I was so inspired by this book, I invested 10 years at University completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement), Master of Exercise Rehabilitation, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Human Movement).

I started Bowlstrong in 2012, with the sole purpose to educate fast bowlers all around the world on the science. I continue to research in the science and medicine of fast bowling as a full-time academic at Deakin University. My passion is to bring this science to life for you. After all, the knowledge is of no use if its not communicated and implemented.

I believe knowledge has to be applied for it to be powerful. I have seen its power in the transformation of many bowlers I have had the priveledge of coaching. I hope you become the best fast bowler you can be.

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