One simple way to bowl faster is to run-up faster. Many studies have indicated a strong relationship between these two variables. However, it is not as simple as just running in quickly. There are a few things you need to consider before looking to run-up faster.

A faster run-up simply means you have a longer delivery stride. This increases the amount of braking force you will need to apply, and this energy is transferred up your body to the ball. Slower bowlers usually have a slower run-up and a shorter delivery stride. There are exceptions, but what I’m saying is true for most bowlers.

From my experience, most bowlers self-select a run-up speed that suits their ability to handle the force at the crease. When I was deconditioned, I noticed I ran in slower than usual, because I couldn’t control the force coming through the body, and I couldn’t sustain a faster run-up speed. I’m sure you too might be able to relate to this.

If you are looking to run-up faster, there are some things you need to check:

Take a look at Brett Lee and Tim Bresnan below. They are performing a special type of sprint training, called resisted sprints. Brett is using a parachute, while Tim is doing more a sled type sprint. These methods are effective if you are looking to improve your acceleration ability. However, you won’t be too disadvantaged if you don’t use these methods. Just performing sprints will help you.

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  1. i think my body is bending my leg coz i have too tight hamstrings and to prevent lower back pain it bends automatically , wts ur opinion on this

  2. Hello sir, your article on run up has been an eye opener, it’s has really helped with my runup. I am getting better results from long strides approach. I have a question for you , Brett Lee always talks about lean body for bowling fast with elastic shoulders to generate more pace whereas we see Shoaib akhtar Mitchell Johnson , Shaun Tait all of them look some kind of gym freaks with those muscular built to bowl fast. What do you suggest for fast bowler lean and elastic shoulders or heavily build muscular body to bowl fast.

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