Attack The Run-Up!

One simple way to bowl faster is to run-up faster. Many studies have indicated a strong relationship between these two variables. However, it is not as simple as just running in quickly. There are a few things you need to consider before looking to run-up faster. A faster run-up simply means you have a longer delivery […]

Creating The “Snap”: Delay The Bowling Arm

Many young quicks are keen to rush their bowling arm in order to try and bowl fast. This is a common mistake. You must allow your legs and trunk to do their job before you actively force the bowling arm over. But how do you do this? Here is Anthony from Kingston Hawthorn Cricket Club […]

Fast Bowling: It’s Like a Ferrari

Bowling fast and accurate has a lot to do with technique, power, and coordination. Think of a Ferrari. Its well designed frame allows for smoother movement on the track. Its bigger engine allows for greater acceleration and top-end speed. Its well coordinated transmission system enables near-maximal power transfer from the engine to its wheels. A […]