Attack The Run-Up!

One simple way to bowl faster is to run-up faster. Many studies have indicated a strong relationship between these two variables. However, it is not as simple as just running in quickly. There are a few things you need to consider before looking to run-up faster. A faster run-up simply means you have a longer delivery […]

Bowl With Gas: Get Stronger Glutes

Building a robust fast bowler begins with strengthening the legs first. This may surprise many of you. You may have heard that fast bowlers need a strong butt. Well, this is true. The glutes (buttocks) are very powerful. They help you to sprint, to jump, and land with greater stability. Guess what? All of those […]

Fast Bowling: It’s Like a Ferrari

Bowling fast and accurate has a lot to do with technique, power, and coordination. Think of a Ferrari. Its well designed frame allows for smoother movement on the track. Its bigger engine allows for greater acceleration and top-end speed. Its well coordinated transmission system enables near-maximal power transfer from the engine to its wheels. A […]