Speed Machine: 12 Week Off-Season Program


The Speed Machine 12 week off-season program is designed to build your strength, power, speed, endurance, stability, and flexibility so that you can bowl faster for longer, and be more protected against injury. The program involves completing three strength / power sessions per week, and two running / sprint sessions per week in and around a daily flexibility routine and planned bowling technical work. The program is suitable to perform in the cricket off-season, prior to any scheduled team pre-season activities. You will need access to a local gym to complete the exercises. Each strength / power exercise is linked to a video. Flexibility exercises are linked to the Top 100 Fast Bowling Exercises book, which is included free in this purchase. The program is in Microsoft Excel format, and involves instructions, a weekly guide to the scheduling of training sessions, strength / power training, running / sprint work, flexibility training, and a guide to incorporating low-intensity bowling technical work (physical and/or mental). If you are serious about taking your game to the next level (and beyond), then you need the Speed Machine program.