Biomechanical Analysis

Expert Insights. Anytime.

No matter your age, ability, or location, our remote biomechanical analysis is appropriate for you. We will help you find the proven techniques to safely improve your bowling speed. We use easy to understand langauge in our voice-over commentary and on-screen drawings. 

The Process

1. Purchase

Purchase the Remote Biomechanical Analysis Service from the Bowlstrong Shop. Once payment has been received, we will email you an invitation code for the OnForm application. Please check your spam folder.

2. Download OnForm App

Please download the OnForm App and then join using the invitation code we emailed you. You will then be able to use the application to film and chat with us. If you have trouble joining, please contact us.

3. Film

Film your bowling action from multiple views (see section below). Please wear shorts and bowl at match intensity from a full run-up. Film in the highest definition possible at 60 frames per second; keep the camera still.

4. Share

Select your best four videos (one from each view) and then press the share button to share with us for analysis.

5. Analysis

We will analyse your videos and complete a recording comprising our findings. We will upload and share this analysis with you in the OnForm App.

6. Review

Watch and review the analysis and ensure you understand it. Please contact us if you have any questions, in case there is anything you do not understand.

Videos Required

Rear View

Side View - Start

Front View

Side View - End