Workload Planning & Management


The optimisation of short and long-term bowling workload to enhance fast bowling performance and reduce the risk of non-contact injury.


1. Workload Planning

Planning involves looking at the expected number of deliveries that could be performed in-season and ensuring there is a gradual build-up over the off-season to easily handle the expected loads in-season.

Planning also involves scheduling in lighter weeks and weeks of no bowling to allow the musculoskeletal system sufficient time to repair. Planning helps to ensure there are minimal or no excessive spikes in acute (7 day load) which can place a fast bowler at greater risk of injury. 

2. Workload Management

Workload management is the process  of adjusting the workload plan based on your bowling stress balance. This is an ongoing process in-season, because match loads can be higher or lower than expected, meaning adjustments to training loads need to be made.

Adjustments are required to ensure the fast bowler is in a non-fatigued state when performing; a fatigued physical state will negatively impact performance and increase the risk of injury risk. Overreaching can lead to burnout and withdrawal from the cricket.

3. Optimal Delivery Intensity Profiling

Research has demonstrated as the effort of delivery increases, there is larger load placed on the body for little gain in bowling speed. This means each fast bowler has an optimal delivery intensity that allows for near maximal speed while reducing any unnecessary extra load.

We can determine your optimal delivery intensity so that you can reduce the onset of fatigue and therefore perform better and reduce your likelihood of injury.

The Process

1. Purchase

Please purchase a specialist consultancy session from the Bowlstrong Store.

2. Book In

Once payment has been received, we will organise a day and time to conduct the session. We will email you an invitation to join us in the OnForm App.

3. Download OnForm App

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4. Train

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