We enhance bowling speed and durability in pace bowlers by following a scientific approach grounded in biomechanics, physical prepatation, medicine, motor learning, and coaching.

Simon Feros, PhD

Founder and Director

Simon is a highly respected and knowledgeable fast bowling coach with over 10 years coaching experience specialising in fast bowling technique remediation to enhance bowling speed and durability. His coaching experience spans from international to recreational level fast bowlers, from ages 7-65, and athletes with a variety of preferred learning styles.

Simon has been studying the science and medicine of cricket fast bowling for over 20 years. He continues to conduct applied research in the enhancement of fast bowling performance as an academic at Deakin University, where he publishes and presents his world class research in academic journals and international sports science conferences.

Armed with the last 50 years of scientific knowledge and coaching experience in fast bowling, Simon can be trusted to deliver improvements to your bowling technique and performance in a time efficient manner.

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