We use the world's best technology to thoroughly analyse your bowling action and provide you with immediate feedback to expedite your learning in becoming a faster and more robust pace bowler.

Why is in-person coaching so successful?

1. Faster Learning & Improvement

With immediate feedback on bowling speed, run-up speed, and bowling technique, you can quickly determine what methods you need to follow that meet the overarching scientific principles to bowl faster and safer.

2. Freedom to "Play & Learn"

Simon will show you the various methods to bowl faster and safer, but ultimately, you need the freedom to work through these methods (or to discover your own) to determine which one feels the best for you and results in superior performance.

3. Your Journey is Documented

A training log and video library is kept on the techniques that were the most successful and least successful, so you maximise your ability to bowl faster and safer by sticking to the methods that have worked for you.

How does in-person coaching work?

The initial assessment involves a biomechanical analysis. From there, technical coaching sessions follow the framework established from the biomechanical analysis.

Biomechancial Analysis

An in-depth investigation of how well a pace bowler meets the scientific principles to bowl faster and safer.


You will experience world-class technology (radar, GPS, cameras) and expertise in the analysis of your bowling technique.

You will receive a detailed plan that outlines what scientific principles you need to address so that you can bowl faster and safer.

Technical Coaching

The exploration of techniques to improve how well a pace bowler meets the scientific principles to bowl faster and safer.


You will explore various methods to achieve each scientific principle identified from your biomechanical analysis.

You will learn what methods works best for you, thanks to a combination of data and your opinion of the feel.

Who is in-person coaching suitable for?

Suitable for beginners through to elite performers, ages 8 and above. If you are willing to try new techniques and learn what works best for you, then in-person coaching is for you.

Where does in-person coaching take place?

Simon conducts in-person coaching at Deakin University, Waurn Ponds, at the Baseball Field. Simply type "Deakin Baseball Club" into Google Maps to take you to the correct location.

How do I know if Simon is the right coach for me?

Simon Works With You

Every discussion that takes place between you and Simon will always involve your input. Simon actively listens to how you are feeling when exploring new techniques, and is will always work with you to find your best solutions to bowl faster and safer.

Simon Creates Fun & Positivity

Simon believes that for you to be able to express yourself and find solutions that enable tou to bowl with a faster and safer action, that it is really important to be in a fun, relaxed, positive, and non-judgemental environment.

Simon Is Trustworthy

Simon will always provide you with honest advice in coaching, which is based on his expert knowledge in the science and medicine of fast bowling, 20+ years experience playing cricket, and 10+ years fast bowling coaching experience.

What do players and coaches say about Simon's coaching?

What do players and coaches say about Simon's coaching?

Are you ready to bowl faster and safer?