Top 100 Fast Bowling Exercises


The top 100 fast bowling exercises now gives you no excuse to develop your strength, stability, power, speed, flexibility, and mobility. This extensive resource will help you to become a stronger and faster bowler. You will enjoy your training given the wide variety of exercises. You can use this resource to create your own training program. Some of these exercises involve minimal to no equipment, while some involve access to free weights (e.g., barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell). The first 75 exercises are either focussed on developing strength, stability, power, and speed, and start off at beginner difficulty and progress to intermediate and then advanced. The last 25 exercises focus on enhancing flexibility and mobility. Each exercise comes with photos, tips, cautions, and the muscles targeted. When you purchase this product, you will receive a link to download this PDF resource (no hardcopies are sold), which you can download as often as you like to any device (with no expiry). This resource is viewable on any mobile device or computer. This resource does not include fast bowling drills. If you are an aspiring fast bowler looking for the edge over the competition, then this resource is for you.

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